DC PUBSTOMP League of Legends NA Regionals – Sept. 2nd

On September 2nd, ONOG will hold a Pubstomp in Jacksonville for League of Legends’ World Championship US Regional Qualifers, where NA’s best Summoners will go toe-to-toe for a chance to play for $3 million dollars at the finals!

Head out to a Pubstomp, where we watch eSports -professional competitive video gaming- at a bar.  Enjoy a drink, hang out with friends, meet some new ones, all while watching a good game.

ONOG has created a place for you, the gamer.  Come and be you and meet others like you.  This is a place where you can yell and scream at the sight of a game-winning Sona  Ult and revel in the cadence created when everyone joins you.  This is a place where you can swap stories of your travels through the hells of ELO.  This is the place where Summoners gather to watch the best of them become Legends.

Your place is at:

1214 18th Street NW,
Washington, District of Columbia 20036